Millions of Private Records Exposed by 11 Dating Services

Data relating to millions of users from numerous dating sites has been exposed due to misconfigured cloud storage. 

The discovery was made late last week by security researchers at VPN review site WizCase and the exposed records came from 11 different dating services.

Currently only five have been identified, Catholic Singles, SPYKX, TESTIKI, Blurry and Kyuun-Kyuun.

Data found on the exposed databases included all personal identifying information, as well as private messages and images . In a couple of cases the databases also included clear text passwords.

The amount of data exposed across the identified sites ranged from 3,700 records for SPYKX through to 102 million records for CharinCharin.

Matt Rose, director of application security at application security testing company Checkmarx Ltd, told Silicon Angle: “Given that there is a rapidly-growing list of similar data exposure incidents, it begs the question about the underlying cause.

“Is it that security is just not a priority for small development shops, or does the additional cost of security testing make the development efforts too expensive for smaller, niche organizations?”

Last month, it was discovered that several adult dating platforms held almost 2.5 million user records on exposed, publicly-accessible databases.

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