My Little Black Book Launches ‘Dating Organiser’

My Little Black Book has created a productivity app to organise dating users. The app allows users to sort potential love interests based on the app on which they met. This is done by the categories such as ‘Hard No’, ‘Just For Fun’ and ‘Potential’. Users are also able to use the ‘Rate Your Date’ feature where they will be able to compare their date to previous ones.

With safety continuing to be a pressing issue for any dating user, My Little Black Book strives to tackle the issue by partnering with PeopleLooker to offer background checks. Furthering their efforts, users can also add friends to their safety network so someone else is aware of who, where and when the user is embarking out onto a date. Another layer to their safety features is the ability to use a burner phone number so users do not need to provide their real phone number until they want to.

Billie Prisby, co-founder, said: “The beauty of My Little Black Book is that it simplifies online dating and serves as an instant connection to funnel all of your dates onto a single user-friendly platform while making it SAFER. It is time to put safety back in the user’s hands.”

The app came to be after Melissa Gross, the other half of the founding team, realised that ‘dating felt like a part time job’. She sought after a way to simplify the world of dating without having to switch between apps.

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