New App for Singles with Master’s Degrees

The Educated Singles Club offers an exclusive dating service for a community of educated individuals. Applicants for the EU-based club must have a master’s degree and a fully-established LinkedIn profile.

The club was created after its founders saw that many dating apps contained fake profiles, and decided to set up its own exclusive platform. The dating site manually verifies membership applications to authenticate profiles and levels of education. More than 90% of applications are rejected due to potentially fraudulent profiles or not meeting the exclusive requirements for members, according to its website.

After joining the club, members will be able to meet other educated singles in events around the world for dating and networking purposes. Participating in Think Tanks and Interest groups are among the activities on offer for members.

The club claims to have a transparent business model, openly stating that it relies on members paying a €25 fee. It claims that platforms like Facebook and Google can offer free services as they share users’ data to third parties, and does not want to follow suit. The fee then ensures that the platform can continue running without having to share user data.

Currently, the club is accessed through its mobile-friendly website, and does not have Apple or Android Apps available.

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