New Dating Site Launched To Connect Dog Lovers is a new dating site for dog lovers to find romance.

The site is centred around believing that dog lovers are usually warm, loving and responsible people.

You can go on the dating site without owning a dog, as you only need to have a love for the animals to become a member.

The site also provides users with a free app, which has a location setting to tell users their nearest dog park and will find nearby members who they can meet up with for a walk.

The CEO, Scott Murray said: “Have you ever invited someone over for a visit and as soon as they walked in the door your dog immediately reacted to them? Not in a nice way. Well, we have time and again,

“We find that the people who our dogs like are usually people who we can trust and get along with; even if they are not dog owners themselves,

“These people just seem to give off good vibes that you and your dog can feel.”

According to a University of Buffalo study, couples with pets are better communicators and have better relationships, than those without pets.

Another 2014 study also found out that dogs make people seek out more social contact and interaction.

The study also concluded that dog owners tend to form stronger and longer-lasting relationships.

People need to be over the age of 18 to use the site, but HotDiggiddy say its key demographic is over the age of 30 years old.

Visit the site here.