New iPhone Expected at Apple Cupertino Event

Apple is expected to unveil new iPhone models at a talk on its Cupertino campus later today. The event takes place at 10.00 am PT / 6.00 pm BST, and will be available via livestream.

Three models are expected – a new iPhone X, a larger version of that phone, and a successor to the iPhone 8.

The new iPhone X will likely come with a better camera and improved performance, the latter due to the introduction of an updated A12 chip.

The larger device may come with multiple SIM slots, allowing users to travel more easily. It is also expected to be able to run two apps on-screen, similar to an iPad.

The new iPhone 8 successor is apparently set to have the home button removed, introducing facial recognition at a lower cost. It may also come in a range of colours.

The Series 4 Apple Watch might also be released – a new model with an edge-to-edge display was leaked by 9to5Mac recently.

Earlier this year, Apple became the first company in history to boast a $1 trillion market cap. One week ago, Amazon became the second.

The company introduced a series of Time Well Spent features in June, including a morning wake-up screen and better notification management.

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Scott Harvey

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