Nocam: The New Authentic Social Video App

Nocam is a new social media app, dubbed as “BeReal meets TikTok”. The platform lets users share short-form videos with friends…but with a twist. Users are not able to see themselves while recording videos, meaning greater authenticity and less self-consciousness.

The concept for Nocam is that capturing a moment from daily life should be natural, and that having a ‘mirror’ in front of you when recording a video goes against that. 

“You know what you’re pointing at — why do you need to see this preview?” poses Justin Spraggins, Nocam’s co-founder and CEO in an interview with TechCrunch.

Users get started on Nocam by letting the platform access their address book, finding friends. They will then receive daily prompts to record videos, each one being 8 seconds maximum. Videos are shared to each user’s network, not as direct messages.

These prompts include encouraging users to do a silly activity, dance, or challenge.

TechCrunch reports that BeReal is seeing declining user activity, and that adding a video element which prompts users to do something interesting may resonate with that audience.

Nocam raised pre-seed funding of $400,000 from General Catalyst and Dream Machine to explore different concepts for the platform. It is now looking to raise a seed round following its recent launch. 

The app is available on iOS and is free to download. 

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