NYT Publishes Online Dating Marriage Stories

The New York Times has published an article telling the story of a series of online dating marriages. The headline reads: ‘A Tinder Moment, a Gift From OkCupid and a Bumble Officiant’.

One couple felt is was only proper to invite OkCupid to their wedding, as they definitely would have invited a friend who got them introduced.

OkCupid responded to the invitation by wishing the couple well.

Tinder has reportedly claimed that it gets 50 notes of thanks per week, while Bumble says it receives them every day.

Alex Williamson, Head of Brand for Bumble, tells NYT that she got ordained to marry some of the couples who had reached out.

Most recently she married a couple in Vancouver, British Columbia who had met on Bumble around five months previously.

A Los Angeles based criminal defence lawyer tells the story of how he collaborated with Tinder on his proposal, using their headquarters.

“We do not take the invitations lightly,” Rosette Pambakian, head of brand marketing and communications for Tinder says in the article.

“We send Champagne, we send personalized gifts. The stories are moving, so we selectively do what we can.”

The article closes by noting that Tinder has a name for children born after a match: ‘Tinder Tots’.

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Scott Harvey

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