OkCupid Creates ‘Dating Data Center’ to Analyse Current Trends

OkCupid has just introduced a new ‘Dating Data Center’, a new monthly section of its blog which will share insights about what singles are currently connecting over.

It is planning to curate information from the in-app questions and responses, to show the most important trends from the past month. Each of OkCupid’s multi-million active users answer in-app questionnaires to help them get paired with compatible partners.

The first post focused on how daters are going to change their behaviour once the pandemic is over.

OkCupid released a suite of targeted questions, including “What’s your ideal first post-pandemic date?”, “Has your attitude towards committed relationships changed because of the pandemic?” and “What are you most looking forward to about dating IRL again?”, which have gained more than 200,000 responses.

The majority of singles are looking forward to going out on dates again, with 36% wanting to leave the house and do “anything outdoors”. This was the most popular response followed closely by more traditional options like coffee, drinks or meeting for dinner.

84% of responses are searching for a steady partner later this year, which sits in line with OkCupid’s main demographics. However, 27% said that the pandemic has caused them to change their outlook on dating.

Just over a quarter are most looking forward to being intimate again, while 7% have not been convinced by virtual dating and don’t want to have another video call again.

Finally, approximately 40% are most excited about going travelling again, more so than getting back to dating or hanging out with friends.

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