OKCupid Discovery Feature Moves to iOS


The OKCupid Discovery feature, which allows users to search the app for specific interests, is becoming available on Apple devices this week.

The search tool allows users to browse profiles by keywords – a search for ‘rugby’ will return a host of profiles mentioning the sport, and so on.

The feature is already available on desktop, so the move to mobile simply extends the functionality and allows users to connect with compatible people on the go.

Director of Product Nick Saretzky explained to The Verge that OKCupid Discovery automatically detects common words that might make good search terms, but a human moderator still has to go through and approve its various suggestions.

The move towards more detailed and personalised searches is a step away from the often bemoaned ‘swipe culture’ of modern dating apps.

It resonates with the company’s stated mission of substance over selfies – since OKCupid have operated under this mantra, they have increased the amount of time singles take to consider each match by 20%.

Parent company Match Group also owns Tinder, so the wider implementation of OKCupid Discovery could also be a read as an attempt to better differentiate the portfolio brands.

OKCupid has made other feature changes over the course of the year, notably removing the ‘Visitors’ function that showed users who had been on their profile.

They have also been in the news recently for supporting planned parenthood, responding to feminist criticisms and using trackers.

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