OkCupid Experiences ‘Explosive’ Growth During Global Lockdown

OkCupid’s Chief Marketing Office Melissa Hobley has been talking to Campaign Live about what levels of growth the dating platform has experienced during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Since nearly one third of the world’s population entered into total lockdown, online dating has become more popular than ever, with OkCupid experiencing increased usage of between 30-40% in some areas.

Furthermore, only 6% of users reported that they were waiting until isolation was over to begin dating again, leaving 94% to use the new dating methods which are now in practice.

Melissa Hobley explained in the interview with Campaign Live: “We are seeing more activity on OkCupid now than we were in February. We have seen a 30 to 40 percent bump in some parts of the world.

“We’re blown away by how much people are liking, talking, messaging.”

Daters are finding that they can get to know their virtual partners better, with people putting in more effort to have mutually beneficial dates, with both parties involved in activities such as virtual wine-tasting, shared movies, and video chats.

Earlier this month, OkCupid reported that matches had increased by 10% worldwide since March 2020, with the number of conversations also increasing by over 20%.

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