Organisation Focused on Internet Development Includes The Meet Group as Founding Member

The Meet Group is a founding member of a new organisation that was created to help accelerate the evolution of an ethical internet.

The ‘Oasis Consortium’ has brought together thought leaders from across the social and gaming industries to create a Digital Sustainability Model that focuses on safety, privacy and inclusion. It is also working towards the so-called ‘Web 3.0’, the next generation of internet that could have greater transparency and security.

Also included in the Oasis Consortium are real-time engagement platform Agora, video game developer Riot Games, video-sharing company Kuaishou Technologies and more.

Geoff Cook, CEO of The Meet Group, said in a statement: “Brand and member safety is critical to the dating industry. Safety issues, especially in an industry like online dating, will always exist but we need actionable standards on how to deal with them. 

“Through actionable initiatives and partnerships, Oasis will help set industry standards with industry executives to accelerate the adoption of universal safety norms that can improve the health of online communities.”

Oasis Consortium’s first goal is to release ‘User Safety Standards’ by Q4, which companies can follow to come up with a sustainable business plan and avoid making ethical mistakes.  They will be based around the foundational principles of Openness, Accountability, Security, Innovation and Sustainability.

It has also launched a podcast series featuring interviews with founding members to talk about their unique perspectives and ideas about digital safety.

Visit the Oasis Consortium website here.