‘Over-Aggressive Anti-Spam Settings’ Cause Mass Suspension of Growlr Accounts

The Meet Group was forced to offer an explanation as to why a large number of Growlr accounts were suspended on President’s Day.

According to the parent company, ‘over-aggressive anti-spam settings’ resulted in an accidental mass suspension of members’ accounts.

A company spokesperson said to Out Magazine“Last night, GROWLr experienced an issue due to over-aggressive anti-spam settings that temporarily prevented some users from logging into their accounts and incorrectly marked the account suspended. 

“User access has been restored, and we are working to ensure this does not occur in the future. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Colin Cummiskey founded Growlr in 2010 and grew it into one of the most popular social networks for gay men. Today, it boasts 200,000 active daily users.

In March 2019, The Meet Group acquired the app for $11.8 million.

The company promised new updates, including introducing its renowned live streaming capabilities, but the roll out has so far been slow. Growlr’s Facebook page has also been seeing its fair share complaints regarding customer service.

Financial results for 2018 revealed that, following the acquisition of Growlr, The Meet Group saw a total quarterly revenue of $52.5 million, an increase of 31% compared to the previous year.

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