Paktor Activity Rises 50% at Weekends

Singapore-based dating app Paktor has released some data about general user activity.

The number of daily swipes increases by 50% over the weekend, compared to the average weekday, and the most popular time for action is between 9pm and 10pm on a Sunday.

Paktor speculates this is because singles want to make the most of the final hours of their weekend and combat their Sunday night sadness by setting up dates for the following week.

As a whole, the online dating industry often finds Sunday to be the busiest day of the week. However, Tinder’s 2018 year review revealed Monday was when its users were the most active.

Singapore’s heartlands, the residential areas beyond the Central Business District and main tourist attractions, is where users tend to do a majority of their swiping. The largest amount of active users can be found in Woodlands, a district at the very north of the country.

The top three frequently used emojis are smiling face, winking face and thumbs up.

Ms Dolly, Paktor’s official dating expert, gave some advice to hopeful singles in a statement: “Remain open-minded. When you are too quick to reject someone or swipe left too quickly, you create missed opportunities. Take the time to consider someone you might have previously said no to.”

Paktor’s matchmaking and events agency GaiGai has just announced the details for its annual Valentine’s Day Mega Event. The party will be held at Red Tail Bar where singles can enjoy crafted cocktails and Asian fusion sharing dishes.

One of GaiGai’s recent gatherings broke the Singapore National Record for the biggest speed dating event on cable-cars.

Paktor has been announced as one of the speakers at GDI’s first Singapore Dating Conference in May 2019.

Visit the Paktor website here.

Dominic Whitlock

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