You Could Be Paying 22% More To Acquire Subscribers In US Swing States

US Presidential Election
Ahead of next week’s US Presidential election, Liftoff conducted a survey to find out how mobile marketing trends differ across red (Republican), blue (Democratic) and swing states (undecided).

The study looked at 900m total mobile ad impressions, 1.1m mobile app installs and 5.2m post-install events, to see how political standing impacts on the costs to attract, acquire and keep mobile app users.

And interestingly, prices changed depending on which way a state is expected to vote next week, with mobile apps paying as much as 22% more to acquire subscribers in swing states, compared to those in red and blue states.

However, when looking at the cost to acquire subscribers in deep states, apps could be shelling out as much as 65% more to encourage subscriptions in deep-blue states (those with greater support for Democratic), compared to those in deep-red states (those with greater Republican support).

In terms of the state-specific results, the country’s capital and expected blue-voting state, Washington DC, was found to have the highest in-app purchase rate at 91%, which shows DC-based users are not only downloading apps, but also continuing to use them.

And the US’s least populated state, Wyoming, took the top spot for the best red state for in-app purchases at 55%.

Liftoff also found alterations in the cost-per-registration, with apps paying 6.4% less in red states compared to blue states.

However, cost-per-install was shown to be 5.6% less in blue states when up against the cost in red states.

To find out more about Liftoff’s survey and to see the full results please click here.