Plenty of Fish Shares 2024 Dating Trends

Dating app Plenty of Fish has released its annual list of dating trends for the year ahead. After a survey of 6,000 US users, the platform highlighted new trends such as “Rizz-Coloured Glasses” and “Canon-Bailing”. 

Plenty of Fish, one of the dating apps in the Match Group portfolio, has revealed its annual list of dating trends to look out for. Previous terms its coined, include: “Main Character Energy”, “Infla-dating”, and “Hesidating”.

After conducting a survey of 6,000 users, it recognised that TikTok and pop culture are going to play a big role in dating trends in 2024. Phrases such as “rizz” (charisma) have emerged from social media virality.

Here are the 2024 Dating Trends Plenty of Fish have identified:

  • Rizz-Colored Glasses: When individuals are drawn into relationships with charismatic and charming people (those with “rizz”). Though “rizz” is attractive to 52% of today’s singles, 43% are falling for someone’s’ “rizz” – only to realize they’re incapable of getting deep. 
  • Canon-Bailing: Cultivating your identity outside of a relationship. Every hero’s journey needs a canon event – a pivotal moment that changes your life and sets you on a better path. And what’s more heroic than prioritizing your own needs in a relationship? 32% of singles know someone who has canon-bailed to focus on their own identity.
  • VBD (Vision Board Dating): Adjusting your dating app location to somewhere you’re considering moving to. Singles are harnessing the power of manifestation (and using dating apps to do so!) and bringing their vision board dating dreams to life. If you are fantasizing of a beach date or romantic hike in some other city and thought about making the change permanent – you’re not alone. Almost a quarter (23%) of singles have experienced someone editing their app location to a more desirable location. 
  • Thera-posing: Setting clear boundaries and prioritizing open communication is an important skill in relationships (and therapy is a green flag!), but singles have some hesitations around their dates overly leveraging “therapy speak,” also known as overusing or mislabeling clinical terms and language to describe certain behaviors. 33% of singles know someone who has thera-posed, with younger generations like Gen Z (42%) seeing this the most.
  • Premature Intimacy (PMI): Sharing your thoughts and feelings is a vital step in getting to know someone. However, singles are wary of sharing too much, too soon. A slightly different take on TMI (too much information), PMI is all too prevalent amongst today’s singles, with almost 2/3 (65%) experiencing oversharing, too quickly.
  • Crypt-ick: Getting the “ick” or reconsidering your relationship because someone you’re dating revolves their life around a single topic. Crypto bros, take note – nearly 1/3 of singles have reported experiencing the “crypt-ick.”

“Our Plenty of Fish community deeply influences our annual list of trends that help singles validate their dating experiences in a light-hearted way – with the ultimate goal of helping our singles date better,” said Eva Gallagher, Resident Dating Expert at Plenty of Fish.

“Singles today are totally tapped into the virality of living at the intersection of social media and pop culture, so it’s no surprise that ‘rizz’ and ‘canon’ are leading next year’s dating trends”, Gallagher added.

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