Pollen VC App Revenue Bootcamp Taking Place In London This Afternoon

Pollen VC

This afternoon, Pollen VC is hosting a bootcamp to help app developers learn practical skills on how to manage the finances of mobile apps.

The event takes place today, 10th October from 2pm at RocketSpace, 40 Islington High Street, London.

The event aims to teach how to fund, scale and ultimately exit a company.

Speakers at the bootcamp will include Space Ape, Index Ventures, Priori Data, Miniclip, and Saffrey Champness.

  • The Finance Bootcamp will cover the following topics:
  • How and when to raise VC money for your gaming company
  • How to model LTV and finance growth through paid UA
  • Latest trends in gaming M&A and what acquirers look for
  • Create the accounting infrastructure to enable growth
  • Practical tips from leading gaming CFOs

Find out more here apply now to secure your spot.