Positive News for Match Group Growth

Investment community website Seeking Alpha has shared its perspective on the Match Group’s growth, pointing to positive signs for the dating conglomerate. 

The site recommends investors pay attention to the dating company as its “financial performance continues to be robust” and that the Match Group’s growth in APAC will boost growth.

This is because studies show that in APAC there tends to be a higher Revenue Per Payer, compared to the Americas and Europe. The Match Group has not yet fully capitalised on this potential, but it is looking to do so, a good sign for growth in the region.

However Seeking Alpha does highlight some potential risks for investment. It points out that recent economic issues in the U.S. may lead dating app users there to unsubscribe from paid memberships. However it does state that online dating may be a recession-proof model as the need for human connection exists despite wider financial woes.

It summarises that “Match Group has strong brands that are integral now to modern dating” and believes the company’s stock is currently undervalued.