Rating ChatGPT’s Dating Advice

A new investigation looks at the dating advice provided by popular AI chatbot ChatGPT, and assesses how useful this information really is. 

Reporters from Business Insider asked ChatGPT a number of questions around dating and dating app advice, with relationship coaches rating the consequent responses.

When asked for advice on how to respond to profile prompts on Hinge, the chatbot’s response included “It’s important to be confident and direct in your approach” and “start by crafting an interesting and engaging message that showcases your personality and interests”.

Dating coaches said its advice was “decent” but suggested that singles ask a question they genuinely want the answer to. They also highlighted that being “confident and direct” sounded like more an in-person conversation, rather than one online.

The report also asked ChatGPT for advice on building a dating profile. The response was generic advice such as including “a list of hobbies and activities you enjoy” and display “a positive and upbeat attitude”. 

Some dating coaches pointed out that modern dating profiles are more unique and specialised, as compared to casting a wide net like the chatbot suggests. These individualised profiles may not get all the likes, but those who do swipe right are more suitable for that person.

Other coaches pointed out that ChatGPT didn’t mention video capabilities on dating app profiles, which are a popular trend and something that can help singles express their personality.

Business Insider summarises that the AI’s responses are not bad advice, but they are certainly “one size fits all”. For singles looking for advice from people who have been through the same situation, they should consider speaking to a human before resorting to a chatbot. 

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