Smitten Launches Search Feature

Popular European dating app Smitten has launched a new ‘Search’ feature to help people find their crush on the platform. Users can search for a name or specific username to find specific potential matches.

The app gives the situation of a user wanting to initiate a romantic connection with a crush from their university class. This individual can now use Smitten to see if their crush is single, and can give them a ‘like’ without having to slide into their DMs.

This potential match will then go onto Smitten and will come across the original user’s ‘like’. They won’t not know if they’ve been found through Spotter, Search, or the usual profile feed.

For users with access to premium features, they’ll be able to search for a user and see if they’ve already been liked by that person.

All users will be discoverable and likable through the search feature, however profiles can be set to private mode. This will limit the information shown through Search to only the first photo, name, and age. 

Smitten grew in popularity due to its fun mini-games that help break the ice once a match has been formed. You can find GDI’s previous coverage of Smitten here and its website here.

Image courtesy of Smitten. 

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