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RAVL Beta Now Up in the Air

A new Social Discovery app, RAVL, aimed at business travelers has put out a call for testers for its iPhone beta. This is yet another example of the hugely diverse possibilities in the world of Social Discovery. There is no cross section of people that can’t be bought together. While some apps in the space will aim to be everything to everyone, here is another example of a company trying to be something very tailored to its audience. 

RAVL, founded in 2020, like so much of our current world, seems to be a clear response to the covid 19 pandemic. You don’t need me to tell you we were all rather sick of being cooped up and isolated. There is a renewed zeal for connections, to make the most of our time, that I think is clear to see throughout society globally. 

This is a super interesting app attempting to do that for a specific audience. Its key audience is for the business travelers around the world. Many of us have had that conversation with a friend:

“Oh you went on a business trip to x location – that must have been cool?”

Only to get a tired response of:

“I saw the hotel room and the airport and not much else…”

RAVL appears to be attempting to make that a conversion of the past. In particular for solo travelers, it could be a way to combat loneliness. The idea behind the app is to build up connections with other business travelers heading to the same places as you – and give you something to do on your travels, most importantly, with someone. 

It’s a nice idea. It has potential to be the Linked In of the Social Discovery world potentially – mixing down time and relaxing, with networking. You never know who you might meet if such a platform took off. You can head over to the RAVL LinkedIn page to find a link to the beta test if you’re interested. We certainly are and will be keeping an eye on this one. 

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