Research Reveals Best UK Cities For Dating

The top 10 UK cities with the highest number of places for romantic dates have been revealed with the help of new research.

Unsurprisingly, London is registered as the number one city with 1,058 romantic locations spread out across the city, setting them ahead of the rest of the cities with Edinburgh coming in at number two with 287 romantic locations.

However, the dating scores set up in the research means that Manchester surpasses London in the ranks for the best place to go on a date with a score of 9.48. Coming in at the bottom of the top 10 with dating scores is Birmingham with a score of 4.69. London sits towards the bottom in this category.

Liverpool hosts the largest number of places per square mile with an average score of 3.37 with Birmingham coming in tenth place with only 1.06 per square mile.

Returning to the top of the list London has 101,400 searches for date ideas, sitting miles above the other nine locations with Manchester having 24,200 in second place.

London is host to 20,629 restaurants, over 18,500 more than any other cities in the UK, averaging at 33.99 options per square mile.

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