Research Reveals The Best Dating Apps For Long-Lasting Relationships

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As the online dating industry continues to grow, users are becoming increasingly inundated with different platforms promising to make their search for love both enjoyable, and rewarding.

Because of this, it is now all the more difficult for singles to understand which services are the most successful, and which ones cater best to the type of connections they are looking to make.

However, a new consumer survey has been investigating the efficiency of some of the industry’s most well-known names, by comparing the online dating experiences of hundreds of users.

Earlier this month, Consumers’ Research published the findings of its “The Best Way to “Swipe” a Mate” study, which asked users of Tinder, OkCupid, Grindr, Match, and eHarmony to outline how well the platforms helped them with their search for love.

According to the research, the most popular digital matchmakers are Tinder and OkCupid, accounting for 50% and 22% of the results respectively.

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Consumers’ Research also found that millennial singles adopt a more proactive approach to dating, and tend to use more than one dating app to carry out their search.

The study brought to light some interesting insights into the correlation between an individual’s messaging rate and the number of relationships they form.

Although most of participants averaged less than six new attempts to connect per day, those who were more active when messaging – either by initiating conversations or replying to messages received – ended up in relationships more often than those who did not engage in communication.

The lengths of relationships formed on the apps in question were additionally analysed as part of the study.

It found that over half of those who use online dating sites and apps reported that they ended up in relationships for at least some period of time, with eHarmony averaging best at 57%.

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Match scored the highest success rate in terms of the duration of relationships its users form, with 33% lasting over six months.

However, Tinder users reported the least success when it comes to the longevity of relationship, with just 13% making it past one month.

Speaking about the findings, Consumers’ Research said: “In more general terms, online dating has provided scientists and sociologists a look at the inner workings of love and other social structures.

“For example, based on OkCupid’s data blog, men have a tendency to message the most attractive women on any given page only.

“Ethnicity can also shape what users look for in a partner and what they see when reviewing potential matches.

“Online dating has also affected the way we date, in some cases leaving many of us with an “unlimited options” problem — either we can’t choose or have trouble being satisfied when we do.

“One thing is certain; we won’t be swiping online dating left any time soon.”

See the full results here.

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