Are San Antonio Singles The No.1 Online Daters?


According to a new survey about online dating safety, San Antonio was ranked as the safest city for online dating in the US.

With online dating continuing to grow and becoming more popular than ever before, and decided to combine sexually transmitted disease data from the Centers for Disease Control and the FBI’s violent crime rates for their rankings.

This particular survey, which collects data from over 1m people, says there were only 804 STD cases and only a little more than 8,500 violent crimes in the whole city, resulting in a safety score of 9.4.

This is a lot lower than other cities like New York, California, Orlando and Buffalo, who were ranked as the most dangerous cities for online dating.

Sage Singleton, a community outreach strategist with SafeWise said: “Per 100,000 people, there were only 804 reported STD cases out of all of those people, and the same with violent crime, even though that number is a little higher out of 100,000 people, with your population over 1 million, those are incredibly low numbers, which is great!”

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