SecurionPay Expects Busy Valentine’s Season

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, SecurionPay is expecting a peak in business from online dating companies wanting to improve user experience while buying online.

SecurionPay is a leading payment company for dating, which has recently expanded its services to become an all-in-one payment solution to cater for dating needs.

Lucas Jankowiak, SecurionPay’s CEO said: “With no doubt, Valentine’s Day is the busiest time for online dating sites, so these businesses need to be sure that, no matter what, everything will work perfectly, especially when its about payments. And with SecurionPay that can rest assured that nothing unexpected will happen.”

He added: “Baring in mind the characteristics of the dating industry, SecurionPay gives dating companies huge flexibility to create scenarios based on flawless dating experience.”

SecurionPay are trying to make it easy to pay with a click to make the entire dating experience for users much smoother. Customers may focus on their relationships, without having to remember their card details each time they want to pay for any services and/or items.

According to Jankowiak, companies who use SecurionPay as their payment provider have also noticed sales and conversion increase by 19% on average.

The company provides a Cross Sales feature, said to be especially helpful during Valentine’s Day. Adding a line of code offers users related services or products right after completing an initial transaction.

The service apparently increases sales by up to 28%, and maximises lifetime value.

SecurionPay is also compliant with the strictest PCI requirements, which means they are working and dealing with banks on behalf of dating companies.

They can keep users’ private information away from any clients’ systems to create a very secure payment process.

Jankowiak added: “In every relationship, great support that we can count on is everything. When dating companies choose SecurionPay, I can guarantee that there’s someone who will answer all payment questions to our clients.”

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