Seeking Arrangement Pair in Lawsuit After One Party Seeks Relationship


A pairing made on the sugar dating site Seeking Arrangement has turned into a social media harassment case after the ‘daddy’ wanted the ‘baby’ to behave as if she was his girlfriend.

Plaintiff Shawdy Kiani was seeing the accused, John Huha, for vacations while she was at college in Minnesota. The two would have sex on these vacations according to court documents. They would also post photos of their trips on social media.

Kiani felt that Huha was beginning to overstep the bounds of the arrangement – at one point he was discussing a potential relocation to the same city. She began to cut ties with Huha, but the two compromised on maintaining a “real sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship”.

In the new, more formalised arrangement, Kiani would see Huha two weekends per month for vacations. Huha was not keen on the strictness of the agreement.

Around the same time that these conditions were put in place, Kiani accused Huha of sexual assault. A district court ruled that the allegations were not credible.

The sugar arrangement broke down following these events. Afterwards, Huha began posting photos of their time together and screenshots of their messages on a dedicated Instagram account. This behaviour is the harassment that the courts are considering. 

The posts revealed Kiani’s sugar dating lifestyle, which she says ruined her relationships with family members in Iran.

“It was really hard, especially because of my background,” she said. “I used to go to Iran every once in a while to visit my family, but now I can’t even look at them.”

She has taken out a restraining order against Huha, and accused him of sexual assault a second time. The restraining order was granted for two months, but the assault allegations were again found not to be credible.

Seeking Arrangement has not responded to The Daily Beast’s request for comment at the time of writing.

Their coverage notes: “The case, which a Minnesota appeals court ruled on this week, illustrates the potential pitfalls of ‘sugar dating,’ or the pairing of rich, older men with younger, more attractive women in exchange for financial gain.”

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Scott Harvey

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