‘Sending Nudes’ Becoming More Popular Due to Social Distancing

New data from private social media management firm Khoros shows that the distribution of nude photos is on the rise during periods of lockdown.

Singles are posting updates to Twitter with the terms “nudes” and “d**k pics”, alongside the term “coronavirus” 384% more than one month ago. 

The rise is being put down to the fact that a significant amount of the world’s population is in lockdown and are unable to have physical sexual interactions with their partners.

Dr. Helen Fisher is’s Chief Scientific Advisor and a Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute. She told Forbes: “The truth is that quarantine adds stress. Stress tends to trigger the ‘fight or flight’ response. This elevates testosterone in both men and women, and elevated testosterone then triggers the production of norepinephrine and epinephrine—natural stimulants that produce energy, focus, motivation and sexual arousal.

“It’s in some ways safer to express one’s sexuality on the Internet. We can’t meet in person. This gives people a sense of freedom. They can’t go any further than simply expressing their feelings. They don’t have to ‘follow through’ by actually meeting and having sex. Men and women now have time to express their sexuality, as so many of their other daily habits, patterns and pressures are now on hold.”

Fisher also believes that some of the stigma around people expressing themselves sexually online might have disappeared by the time meeting in person is allowed again. has just launched a new live video call feature to help matches have virtual dates from the safety of their own homes.

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