ShowReal Lets Singles Show The Real Them With Short Snippets Of Video

A new app called ShowReal backed by Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby lets singles show their real selves  by using short snippets of video.

ShowReal hopes that using video will help to eliminate the disappointment of dates not looking like their online profile pictures.

In addition to this, the new dating app has also added Facebook and Instagram integrations, so singles can be even more confident that their matches are real.

Charlotte Crosby said: “Online dating has yet to evolve. People want to see more than a picture and don’t want to have to write an essay.

“They want that feeling they get when they walk into a bar to meet someone, whether the chemistry is there or not. ShowReal is the answer.” 

The app works like this: on signing in, you can choose up to four questions to answer on camera – each response should be around five seconds long.

Once you are 100% happy with your videos (you can re-do them as many times as you want), ShowReal puts them together to make a full video.


You can then fill in the rest of your profile and set your match preferences, before starting to review other people’s videos.

With the review process, you can choose to “Keep” or “Cut” other singles, or give them a “2nd Chance”, which lets them re-do their ShowReal to try and impress you more.

If you choose to “Keep” someone, that user will show on your “Real Potential List” along with the other singles you’ve chosen to keep, but who have not reviewed you yet.

If singles on your “Real Potential List” decide to keep you back, they will then move into your “Real Messages” list, where you can start chatting to them in the app.

And as with other popular messaging platforms, on ShowReal, you can see if the other person has read your messages.

However, if the other user chooses to “Cut” or “2nd Chance” you, they will disappear from your “Real Potential List”.

ShowReal is currently available for iOS, and you can find out more about the app here.