Slack Lets You Direct Important Messages To Certain Channels Using Emojis


Slack has introduced a new tool that lets users collect important information and updates into one channel, just by using an emoji.

Called the Reacji Channeler, the new feature allows users to assign an emoji to a particular channel, and whenever the emoji is used, the message will be automatically saved in the designated channel.

If someone needs more context, they can click on the message to view the original conversation.

Slack explains: “On our Platform team, open discussion happens in channels about various apps and partners.

“This keeps all of our conversations organised, but it used to be hard to make sure everyone was aware of the important decisions being made across all our channels.

“Now, whenever a final decision is made on anything, it’s marked with a gavel reacji — a custom emoji, but one with an agreed purpose.


“Anything with the gavel reacji goes into a #platform-decisions channel that serves as a system of record.

“If you need more context, click on the message to zoom back in time and view the original conversation. Simple.”

Slack advises people to use more specific emojis – rather than just a thumbs up or a smiley face – to really hone down the kind of information you want to group together.

To find out more about the Reacji Channeler please click here.

Emma Woodley

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