Slack Rolls Out Skype-Style Voice Call Feature

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Communication platform Slack has just begun rolling out a new feature, which allows users to make voice calls with members of their team.

Currently in beta, Calls allows users to initiate both one-to-one and group calls, which can be started in any channel or group direct message.

To use the new feature, users must ask a team owner or admin to turn the feature on in their team’s settings.

To make a call, users simply have to open a channel or direct message and click the phone icon displayed at the top of their screen.

When calling in a one-to-one or group direct message, the call will begin straight away, with the recipients receiving a pop-up notification alerting them of an incoming call.

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When making a call in a channel, Slack will first confirm that you would like to make a call.

Once confirmed, Slack will ask you to name the call and click “Start new call”.

The call will then be posted on the channel, and up to 15 members can join.

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Users can also invite members to a call by clicking the plus icon in the upper right corner of the call window.

They can then type a name to filter the list, and select the team member they wish to invite.

Slack has also added a number of controls that allows users to control their audio, invite others and send reactions during their calls.


The feature can be used by anyone with the standard plan or above, and is available for Slack desktop apps on Mac and Windows, and in Chrome.

And according to Slack, Calls (beta) for iOS, Android, and Linux is currently on the way.

The company has assured that video, screen sharing, and mobile support features will follow in the future.

Find out more about Call (beta) here.