S’More Releases Findings on What to Expect from Online Dating in 2021

S’More has released its findings into what we should expect to see from the dating industry in 2021, and how COVID-19 has affected the ways we find and nurture a relationship.

The results look at the effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the online dating industry, and how we would expect this to lead into 2021.

The survey found that 27% of online daters are now using dating apps more due to COVID, whilst 54% of them are using the apps the same amount as pre-COVID, leaving just 19% using dating apps fewer than before.

The pandemic has also changed the way in which we look at dating, specifically who we date, with 68% of women and 61% of men saying they will date fewer people in-real-life post COVID. In the same sense, 64% of women said they would look to go on at least three virtual dates before meeting in-real-life, whilst 39% of men said the same.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our overall outlook on dating and relationships. 59% of singles are now looking for something more serious post COVID, and 53% believe that first dates are going to be less awkward due to COVID. 62% of women will also ask potential dates for their COVID status before meeting in-real-life, whilst 51% of men would look to do the same.

The results from S’More also show that the pandemic has made daters look a little closer to home. Only 33% of women said they would be happy to date somebody outside of their city limits, whilst 25% of men said the same.

Singles are getting to know each other better before meeting for a date, utilising virtual dating applications widely available nowadays. Compatibility and chemistry was voted the number one top dating criteria for 2020, followed by physical attraction and location at two and three. This varies from a previous survey completed in March, where physical attraction was on top, and compatibility was number three.

Looking into 2021, 71% of daters have said they will look to be more honest and authentic in their profiles, and 67% have said they will treat others more respectfully. 59% have said they won’t pass judgement so quickly, and 53% have said they would give a long term relationship a real shot.

Read the full report here.