Snapchat Opens Self-Serve Ad Platform To All Businesses

You can now buy video ads on Snapchat.

Yesterday, Snapchat publicly launched its self-serve advertising platform Ad Manager for businesses of all sizes.

Brands can now buy adverts on the mobile product with a credit card, rather than having to go through a Snapchat advertising partner or the company’s sales team.

The self-serve ad manager was originally launched in May, but was being tested with 20 brands ahead of the public launch.

The Ad Manager lets brands buy and manage video ad campaigns, as well as view analytics on how they are performing.

Snapchat ads

Snap Ads begin with a short video, of up to 10 seconds long, then the option to show one interactive element after the video – either an article, app install, long-form video or web view video.

There is no minimum spend on Snapchat’s ad platform, meaning it is available for businesses of all sizes, and the prices are set by auction.

Snapchat will also review all ads before they are posted.

Ad partners also get access to the Snapchat Mobile Dashboard, which lets you track campaigns on a mobile device, and Business Manager, which allows admins to manage things like ad accounts, roles, permissions and access levels.

Those interested can fill out this form to get started.