Spectrum Labs Announces Safety Matters Summit

Spectrum Labs, a leading AI-based Trust & Safety platform, will be introducing a first-of-its-kind brand and user safety conference, Safety Matters Summit, aimed to architect a more equitable and safer metaverse by elevating Trust & Safety in the corporate conversation.

Commencing on May 18, the two-day event will welcome leaders from a variety of industries, including gaming, dating, social media, financial services, CPG, marketplace, e-learning, and online media to discuss how brand and user safety come together to establish community health and build brand trust at a time when it is rapidly eroding.

Tiffany Xingyu Wang, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Spectrum Labs, said: “Trust is the new digital transformation. And digital safety constitutes a core pillar of building trust. Our society has to shape the conversation around brand and user safety here and now as we are building web3 from the ground up. This is why Spectrum Labs is launching the Safety Matters Summit and assembling senior leaders across brands and platforms to work in concert for a safer and more equitable digital future.”

Speakers include:

  • Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and President, Healthcare Business at Mastercard
  • Marcel Marcondes, Global President, Beyond Beer Co. at Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • Maryam Banikarim, Head of Marketing, Global and Community at Nextdoor
  • Weszt Hart, Head of Player Dynamics at Riot Games
  • Tami Bhaumik, Vice President of Civility & Partnerships at Roblox
  • Dave Byrne, Global Head of Brand Safety & Industry Relations at TikTok
  • Caitlin Rush, Head of Global Brand Safety Strategy at Twitter
  • Dave Brown, SVP Trust & Safety at The Meet Group
  • Lisa Shalett, Co-Founder at Extraordinary Women on Boards

Panelists will be representative of a variety of companies and industries, such as Amazon, Discord, Fandom, Grindr, Wildlife Studios and more.

The event is split across two days, with both days having a different focus. Day one of the event will focus on brand safety. Moving further into 2022 and beyond, brands will be challenged to manage the opportunity and risk inherent in the metaverse. Much like the original internet and the social web created a platform of huge growth for businesses that leveraged them, brands have an opportunity now to instill trust and safety in the framework of their metaverse plans to avoid the pitfalls of the social web.

The day will feature commentary from marketers at industry-leading consumer brands to discuss the role of the CMO in the metaverse, the development of a brand safety strategy and the responsibility of brands to deliver user safety.

“As marketers, protecting the brand must be our top priority – it is our most sacred asset,” said Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Mastercard and keynote speaker. “Our industry is faced with unprecedented disruption caused by emerging data-driven tech and new platforms. We need to reimagine our playbook to ensure that this new landscape is safe for people and brands alike.”

Day two will segue into a conversation around user safety, putting a spotlight on the Trust & Safety leaders at both major and emerging platforms. Speakers will share insights on how to drive executive alignment, how to build products, processes and partnerships, and how to grow teams and talent in the space of user safety. Together, the Summit will paint a roadmap of how to build brighter communities through better user safety. Insights will be shared by industry leaders throughout the day, including Tami Bhaumik, Vice President of Civility and Partnerships at Roblox.

“The future of digital interaction is in immersive 3D environments that enable people to come together, express themselves through creation, connect and share experiences with one another no matter where they are in the world,” said Bhaumik. “We must prioritise building spaces, product features and policies that promote healthier, more positive, and resilient communities from the onset in order to prioritise digital civility and safety for all people.”

Luke Smith

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