Sponsored Content: How to Avoid Fishing in Online Dating

The following is a sponsored post written by the team at Meetville.

Online dating is a great thing in many ways, but it also comes with its own risks, and it can cause a lot of frustration. Knowing about the problems that you might encounter while using a dating site or app is one of the best ways to ensure your experience will be as positive as possible. And one tactic that you should be aware of is known as fishing. 

What Is Fishing in Online Dating?

Put simply, fishing is a strategy that some people use when trying to find a match on a dating app. They will send out messages to anyone they can, and then they just wait to see who replies. 

So, for example, when you get a list of matches, if you are someone who tries fishing, you will end up sending all, or at least most, of those matches a message. From there, you’ll decide who you want to continue talking to once you receive messages in return. 

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Fishing?

Once you are on a dating app, it is up to you to filter through your potential matches and messages to figure out who is genuine and who isn’t. Unfortunately, it can be a bit challenging to determine who is fishing versus who is genuinely interested in you. But, with a little bit of insight into the types of tactics that these people typically use, you can find it easier to avoid them, even if it takes some practice.

  • Read messages carefully. Oftentimes, someone who is just fishing will send you a message that is pretty generic and could be applied to anyone. After all, they are basically just copying and pasting the same message to multiple people. 
  • Someone who messages you only at night and during the weekend might actually be a fisher that you should be wary of. 
  • Fishers tend to use the same types of messages to lure people into a conversation, but the sad reality is that they likely aren’t interested in establishing a real relationship. A classic example is a generic “what are you doing tonight” message. 
  • If someone messages you in a way that proves they aren’t really interested in knowing who you truly are, and it’s clear that they aren’t trying to get to know you better, they’re probably just fishing. 
  • If someone is slow to reply to your messages, they might just be fishing. Imagine if you sent out a lot of messages to a lot of different people at once, and how much time it would take to get through all of the responses! 

Focus on the Positive Aspects of Using Dating Apps

If you use a dating app the right way, you can increase your chances of finding someone who is perfect for you. But as you make your way through your matches and options, just beware of tactics like fishing. For example, you can find love with Meetville dating site for singles online, and one of the ways to avoid disappointment is by knowing how to determine if a message is sent with good intentions. 

Now that you know about fishing, and how it can affect your ability to find love on a dating app, you can start taking steps to dodge those types of people. After all, dating should be fun, not frustrating!