The Startup Roundup – 16th February 2018

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Startup news this week:


  1. Aims to Match More Single Techies and Geeks in 2018 – It is one of the few dating websites on the internet that has been designed specifically to help nerds find love.
  2. More and More Single Seniors seek dates online, Anticipates Significant Increase of its Member Base in 2018 – Senior Next aims to pair up mature single seniors nationwide.
  3. Meet the Model and Athlete Launching ‘Tinder for Fitness’ – The app connects people who are looking for workout partners.
  4. Patagonia Launches an Environmental ‘Dating Site’ to Help Save the Planet – It affords customers the opportunity to sign petitions that support their respective causes, volunteer their skills and time, discover events in their area and donate money to local charities.
  5. Just In Time For Valentine’s, Immigrant Launches Cinema Dating App – The app allows you to pick a movie and then to match with a partner registered to it.
  6. New IceBreaker app makes dating more engaging and less awkward! – This app will gently lead the two partners through a mutual discovery process.
  7. This new Austin app wishes you ‘luck’ in finding the perfect date – “What makes LUCK better than other dating apps is we make a concerted effort to keep basic boys off of our platform,” said Albert Nguyen, the co-founder of the app.
  8. to Revolutionize Local Music Scene – It helps bands organize the business side of making music by helping them connect with other bands through their exclusive Show Swap feature. It’s like an online dating site for bands, musicians, and venues.
  9. Cannabis Soulmates: Chronic Souls Online Dating Site Targets Like-Minded Cannabis Lovers – It is exclusively designed to connect people who recreationally enjoy marijuana or who use it to help their medical conditions.