Tinder and Bumble Partner with Brands for Valentine’s

Both Tinder and Bumble have joined partnerships with different brands this Valentine’s Day.

Bumble ran a Shazam Takeover yesterday from midnight to 23:59 in the UK and Germany.

Shazam was yellow for the day and allowed users to create new connections, find a date, make new friends, and grow their network via Bumble itself.

Shazam users also saw a screen saying “Shazam couldn’t find a match, but we can”. Bumble invited users to find a match their way.

Tinder joined into a partnership with Dominos in order to deliver ‘funny, punny pizza-themed’ chat-up lines that help users get a date for Valentine’s Day.

The Dominos chat bot appeared as a normal profile in the Tinder app, and once the user was matched with the chat bot they were asked to click a link which started the bot.

The bot then asked for the user to choose between “cheesy” or “dough-mantic” chat-up lines. These lines could then be copy-and-pasted into the users’ Tinder chat to try and impress their match.

The chat up lines included: “I pepper-only have eyes for you.”, “A pizza me wants a pizza you. Let’s make it a date and it could be love at first slice!”

Yesterday, Domino’s predicted that it would receive around 1,000 pizza orders every minute and 3.1 million slices would be eaten altogether.

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Chloe Gay

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