happn Survey Reveals Dating Habits and Gender Differences

happn has undertaken a new survey to reveal the UK’s dating habits, finding vast differences between genders and regions.

The survey asked 2,000 users and was undertaken in January 2018 by MRS accredited agency, Atomik Research.

It discovered that 66% of women said that their date playing on their phone was the biggest turn off, followed by flirting with the waiter or waitress. For men, it was getting drunk followed by talking about an ex.

30% of single people in the UK admitted to not knowing how to flirt. 45% of men and 51% of women said that their most preferred style of flirting is to make their date laugh.

Also according to the research, Brits spend around 1 hour 20 minutes to get ready for a date. It also comes as a surprise that according to the research, men spend longer than women getting ready by just three minutes.

23% of men spend over two hours getting ready, compared to one in ten women.

Both men and women believe that the top priority is to make an effort with appearance on a date, while the second priority for men is for their date to be confident – for women it was to take an interest in their date’s personal life.

Hayley Quinn, Dating Expert says: “The results of happn’s dating study didn’t surprise me when it showed we are a nation of timid flirts – dating apps are so popular because they give you the opportunity to meet and build a connection before having to meet in real life. How good you are at communicating via messaging on the app is also a great indicator of compatibility so you can make a better decision about who to invest your time in dating.”

She added: “In 2018 singles are comparatively time poor and also more focused on gender equality than in the past; so it’s also interesting to see men spending more time than women with their pre-date grooming. In turn I think we’ll also see a trend for more women making the first move. Dating apps like happn provide a great platform for people to take that ‘chance’ but your dating success ultimately comes down to your ability to take responsibility for your own happiness alongside a little bit of luck.”

happn also discovered that men are more likely to make up their mind quickly if they are interested in their date, with 47% of men and a smaller 35% of women saying they decide after just a few minutes of meeting.

The research also proved that men are more regular daters than women. 28% of men apparently go on dates twice or more a week, compared to just 9% of single women.

People also spend an average of 21 days talking to someone online before meeting up with them face to face.

happn also discovered that, on average, Brits spend £70 on a first date – with men spending almost double the amount that women do. Men spend, on average, £92 compared to £47 by women.

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Chloe Gay

Chloe is a reporter at Global Dating Insights. Originally from Bracknell, she is studying Communication & Media at Bournemouth University. She enjoys writing, travelling and socialising with her friends and family.

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