Stood Someone Up? That’s Against Bumble’s New Community Guidelines

Bumble has updated its Community Guidelines, adding new definitions for what it considers abuse, spam, and sexual violence. The platform now considers not showing up to an agreed IRL date as bullying / abuse.

In a new LinkedIn post, Bumble’s Safety Policy Lead Azmina Dhrodia picked out her highlights from the updated Community Guidelines, and explained the philosophy behind them.

She pointed out that under its updated Bullying & Abusive Content guidelines, it is now against the rules to “not show up to an in-person meet up despite clear plans agreed by both parties”. These guidelines also prohibit ‘doxxing’, the non-consensual sharing of personal information; and harassing someone for being a survivor of sexual abuse.

Furthermore Dhrodia shares that Bumble is taking an “industry-leading” stance on the definition of sexual assault, which includes any “unwanted physical contact or attempted physical contact that is sexual in nature”.

In regards to its Spam policies, Bumble has now clarified it won’t allow “attempts to artificially influence conversations, connections, or engagement through the use of automation or scripting”.

“I’m really proud of leading this work and ensuring that Bumble continues to be a space to make kind connections in a safe, inclusive, and respectful way”, Dhrodia shared

“The new Community Guidelines provide the most comprehensive overview of our platform policies yet. They clearly communicate to our members the content and conduct we expect of them both on and off our apps”, she added.

You can find Bumble’s updated Community Policies page here. 

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