Tinder Japan Launches New Brand Campaign

Tinder Japan has launched a new brand campaign that highlights the joy and journey of meeting new people. New web commercials and outdoor posters featuring local celebrities went live on the 1st of September with the new campaign.

The new campaign features recognisable faces comedian Yuriyan; businessman/talent Roland; video creator Kemio; and model Michi. 

“Japan’s younger generations are choosing Tinder to discover new possibilities for friendship, love, and community-building”, said Tinder Japan’s Country Manager Cho Kyo.

“Tinder is one of the world’s largest matching apps, and is a great way to meet people and find new ways to express yourself based on your own experiences. We want to support people in creating an environment where they can enjoy dating and love with peace of mind, and let them know that this is a platform where they can share their experiences with others”, they added

Together with the launch of the new campaign, Tinder shared insights about Gen Z in Japan:

  • According to the platform’s research, the number of people aged 18-29 who report going on a date with someone from a dating app has more than doubled over the past four years
  • In Japan, half of all Tinder users are aged between 18-25.
  • 28% of Japanese people aged 18 to 25 feel that their gender and/or sexual orientation is “less clearly fixed and more fluid”.
  • Furthermore, 72% of respondents agree that “matching apps have made it easier than ever to connect with people of diverse backgrounds and identities.”
  • The top three things that Japanese people look for in a dating partner are
    • Being open and accepting (66%)
    • Being able to trust and confide in anything (64%)
    • Being able to make you laugh (62%)
  • There is an increasing importance and value placed on self-care. In 2023, the word “self-care” increased by 233% in Tinder profiles in Japan.

You can read Tinder’s full press release about the new campaign here, and find more of the campaign’s new commercials here. 

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