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Street Tag Delivering Social Discovery to Families and Local Communities

Bedford Borough council in the UK has announced a new partnership with Street Tag, aimed at getting families in the area more active, more social, and fostering community spirit. Street Tag is a free to download app that challenges members of the local community to explore their local area, in the name of friendly competition. 

On Street tag, you earn points for scanning virtual tags. These are placed strategically in the local area, to encourage exploration, fitness and community feeling. Sometimes the tags can be for a limited time only at a special community event for example. It’s an initiative aimed at local families and schools, which will be in competition. Climb the leaderboard, and schools can win prizes. It’s a really interesting initiative that uses technology to meaningfully encourage healthy exploration of the outdoors and a sense of community. Seun Oshinaike, founder of Street Tag said:

“Our goal is to build strong, active communities that thrive both physically and mentally. We are excited to be forging a new partnership in Bedford Borough that will help families and communities get physically active in a fun, sustainable, and accessible way,” 

Councillor Martin Towler, added:

“Street Tag is an exciting and inclusive way for families and friends to enjoy time together outside, get active and try to win some prizes”

Residents of Bedford can download and join the app. And young children can be added to the main carer account to get them involved safely in the project too. It’s a really interesting approach to social discovery – really putting the discovery into the name. But rather than being about making one connection witha  new friend, this is an app designed to improve the connections between the entire community.

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