Study: LGBTQ Singles Have Concern Over AI & Online Dating

H4M Matchmaking, which specialises in connecting LGBTQ singles, has shared new research about how AI & online dating is perceived. 30% of these singles report being concerned about AI’s role in dating, but there is some willingness to try AI-powered features. 

In a new blog post, Tammy Shaklee, Relationship Expert and H4M’s Founder, shared the results of an extensive survey into the LGBTQ community’s opinions on online dating and the use of AI within it.

Nearly 60% of respondents agreed that online dating has made the overall dating experience more stressful. But with this in mind, what kind of impact will AI have on the frustration faced by singles when dating online?

Initially, it seems that LGBTQ singles have a negative outlook on the issue. 29% of respondents said they have been deceived by an AI or chatbot on a dating app in the past, while 42% said that AI in dating is either ‘somewhat unethical’ or ‘highly unethical’.

However, when asked whether they would use AI if they believed it would increase their chances of securing an in-person date, 49% of respondents said yes.

As Shaklee wrote in her post “…don’t beat yourself up over your own search efforts or the time you perhaps fell for something or someone not real. You are human, and tech can help your efforts and hurt them as well”. 

It does seem like LGBTQ singles are willing to explore the possibility of innovative technology in online dating, so long as it is proven to be ethical and effective.

Read the full results of the H4M survey here. 

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