Survey Reveals Gender Differences in Relationship Milestones


Mattress Online has conducted a new survey to discover how long it takes for those in a relationship to feel comfortable enough to show their ‘true selves’.

The survey was conducted on 1,000 British adults.

The survey found out that over half of the people surveyed would wait at least three months before saying they declared their love for one another. 1/3 of women would have no problem in saying it between one-three months of a new relationship.

However, men are apparently twice as likely as women to declare their love after just one week of being with someone.

Further, one in three women would actually prefer to watch Netflix over having sex within one – three months of a new relationship. However, men tend to put off their TV marathons for the first year of the relationship at least.

This trend may vary based on the age of people questioned, as just 40% of 18-25 year olds choose TV over sex in the first few months of a relationship. Only 22% of 33-40 year olds would choose TV over sex, within the same timescale.

It also discovered that women find it the easiest to declare their sexual likes and dislikes. The survey discovered that 1/3 of the women asked would bring up the subject within the first three months of the relationship.

Men are however split almost equally across timescales, which suggests that they will answer personal questions if asked, but are unlikely to bring it up to their partner themselves.

Everyone in a relationship dreads hearing about their partner’s exes, but men seem to be the most open, with over 50% of those asked admitting their number of past lovers within 6-12 months of meeting someone new.

However, only one in ten women are happy to do the same, with one in five men and women never admitting their number.

Finally, when it comes to speaking about the future, the survey found out that over half the men and women asked agreed that discussions on marriage and children should be delayed until at least a year into the relationship.

63% of women would wan to hear a marriage proposal within the first year of a relationship but 91% of men would not consider proposing until one-two years down the line instead.


Read the full survey here.

Chloe Gay

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