SurveyMonkey Discovers 75% of Young Adults Use Tinder


SurveyMonkey has conducted a new survey to investigate the perception and the use of online dating services.

The company asked 4,000 adults from its platform, and discovered that 75% of young adults (18-24 years old) use Tinder, and 31% use Bumble.

Adults aged between 25-34 years old began to transition to, with 36% wanting to have a serious and long-term relationship.

58% of older adults (45-54 years old) use, which is more than double the percentage of those who use Tinder.

However, many people dislike dating apps: 56% of adults view them as either somewhat or very negative.

SurveyMonkey suggests that two possible reasons behind this could be “Distrust in the protection of your personal information” or “Inherent risks when you’re searching for someone online.”

The survey discovered that people who have used dating apps see them in a more favourable light than the general population do.

It found out that 48% of the survey respondents were at least somewhat confident that apps do everything they can to protect their subscribers’ information. The statistic rises to 58% for those people who’ve met their partner online.

58% of users also rate dating apps as at least somewhat positive, and 78% of those who met their partner online rated them as very positive.

50% of users are at least somewhat comfortable providing their personal information to a dating app, rising to 58% of people who met their partner online.

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Chloe Gay

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