Swiss Dating App noii Acquires Matter

Swiss dating app noii has acquired the audio-first dating platform Matter. The new collaboration will help noii to enhance its matchmaking algorithms, delivering an improved dating experience.

Based in Zurich, noii was founded by Laura Matter (CEO), Thomas Kuschel (COO) and Vladislav Lisavcov (CTO). It revolves around video speed dating and has over 15,000 registered users in its home city.

noii recently announced that it has acquired Matter, which is an audio-first dating platform first founded in Los Angeles. Although they differ in their audio & visual elements, they share a similar focus on speed dating features. 

One of Matter’s key strengths is its AI-powered recommendation engine, developed by its ex-Apple machine learning engineer & CTO, Battushig Myanganbayar.

This ‘Fair Match’ AI engine uses innovative filtering techniques to group users by their app usage behavior, and understands engagement between different communities of users from one-on-one speed date data. 

This unique system allows for the platform to recognise users’ preferences and provide accurate recommendations to them, something that other superficial apps are not capable of doing.

noii looks to harness Matter’s experience in this field, allowing for “advanced data analysis and machine learning techniques”, ultimately enabling “more accurate and personalized match recommendations and better dates in the end”.

The European dating app recently closed its first financing round with 500,000 Swiss francs. You can find out more about noii on its website here. 

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