The Accessory Rescuing IRL Dating

Many see the rise of dating apps as directly correlated with the increasingly difficult nature of meeting others in real life. But a new accessory: ‘the Pear Ring’ could be the key to rescuing IRL connections.

The ring emits a blue light which can inform others that the wearer is single, almost like “the opposite of an engagement ring”, Glamour Magazine wrote. Available for £19.99, the ring can be worn on any finger.

The campaign to raise awareness about this new product is called “The world’s biggest social experiment”. So what is this experiment?

“Well put it this way, if 1.2 billion singles around the world wore a little green ring on their finger to show they’re single, we wouldn’t need dating apps. IRL connection is the mission”, explained the creators of the Pear Ring.

The experiment is currently ‘live’ in the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia, with more countries expected to join soon.

As well as being a “come chat to me” signal for wearers, the Pear Ring is looking to expand into events as well. After purchasing a ring, wearers will be given a membership number and invited to singles events such Pear Fest, which looks to be the world’s biggest singles festival.

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