The Inner Circle Publishes Statistics Ahead of National Honesty Day

The Inner Circle has conducted some research to find out how highly its UK community values telling the truth ahead of National Honesty Day on 30th April.

One of the most stand out statistics was that 13% of respondents said they would immediately break up with someone if they caught them telling a lie.

According to the feedback, the most unforgivable lies are pretending to not have children and incorrectly claiming to want to have a serious relationship. Lies about career, age and smoking habits also came out near the top.

However, a quarter of singles believe they’ve told a “white¬†lie” in order to get more matches on a dating site. Furthermore, 65% said that they don’t regret manipulating the truth slightly.

Dating expert Charly Lester explained in a statement: “Life is very different at the moment, and we’re all adapting. If you normally avoid honesty in dating, why not experiment with being more open with your matches?

“Realistically, if someone doesn’t like the real, authentic you, things have no hope of surviving lockdown, let alone working out in real life. Move on to someone you really click with. Being more honest – while also being kind – may be one of the most liberating things you do during lockdown. It could change your approach to online dating forever.”

Lester also advised daters to not lie about what hobbies they’ve taken up during the lockdown period, to always be honest about their relationship intentions, and to not be afraid to open up about their emotions especially if they are living by themselves.

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