The Meet Group’s CEO Talks Future of Virtual Dating in Cheddar Interview

Geoff Cook, CEO of the Meet Group, took part in an interview with online news platform Cheddar and explained that virtual dating is the future.

Online and virtual dating has increased significantly since COVID-19 caused the offline dating scene to grind to a halt. With more than half of the world’s population on lockdown at the peak of the virus, singles had little to no choice but to date virtually.

Cook told Cheddar: “Since COVID-19 hit, there has been a massive focus on live streaming in dating, and the Meet Group is the largest provider of live streaming dating games, which are designed to encourage singles to date using virtual tools.

“The age of the shallow swiping app is over, becoming more and more demanding of video. The features are also being used more and more to screen compatibility for potential dates before they happen. We’re seeing people use the live streams to figure out who to date, where we’re seeing singles are interested in having a swipe action relationship”.

Company shows that there are 185,000 daily active users of The Meet Group’s live games: NextDate, BlindDate and SecondDate. This is an increase of 95% since the beginning of the global outbreak in March.

Furthermore, the minutes spent livestreaming on one of The Meet Group’s platforms has increased by over 39%.

Watch the full interview here.