The Startup Roundup – 19th June 2020

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Startup news this week:

  1. Fantasy Match: Sexual Wellness Platform to Learn, Play and Flirt – The platform is a place for users to be open about their attitudes toward sexuality and relationships.
  2. Oneder: The UK’s First Video-Only Dating App – Oneder is on a mission to move beyond swiping and connect people authentically through video profiles and calls.
  3. Looking for love in T2? Check out – According to Facebook data, 25% of all triathletes in the world are single.
  4. Astrology dating app is here to pair star-crossed lovers – NUiT helps users find their ideal partner based on their complementary star signs.
  5. Kupenda: One Community. Many Rewards – The new matchmaking app has a team of human experts that take control of the matching process instead of algorithms.