The Startup Roundup – 8th January 2021

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Startup news this week:

  1. The Lox Club: A private, membership-based dating app for Jews with ridiculously high standards – Described by Vogue as ‘Jewish Raya’, The Lox Club creates a unique, underground experience for people to find serious relationships.
  2. Honk: Real-Time Messaging – The latest instant messaging app for millenials show messages as they’re being typed, with no send button or chat history.
  3. Taste Brings a Cards Against Humanity-Style Edge to Dating Apps – Users open the app and answer a series of provocative questions, then match people who think the same way.
  4. GoGetter: You are who you surround yourself with – GoGetter connects fitness-oriented people and requires them to pay $1 per match to ensure they are both equally invested.
  5. Truffle: Exclusively For Verified High Income or High Profile Members – Truffle is treating 50 couples to a five-star first date and the first five marriages will receive an exclusive Tahitian honeymoon.