The Top 1000 Apps in China: Trends and Movers

New research from Jiguang Data [in Chinese] has revealed a number of trends in the league table of the top 1000 apps in China.

The ‘2017 Mobile Internet Industry Inventory App List’ report details market penetration rates, and notes any year-on-year changes.

Approximately 780 of the apps in the top 1000 were also in the league table last year, with newcomers including video platforms Huoshan and Tik Tok (a.k.a. Douyin), and mobile games Wildland Ops and Tongzhou.

The typical user had 40 apps installed on their phone in Q4, installing 4.1 and removing 3.4 on average in the month of December.

A normal day would see users spend 4.2 hours in apps. This included 2.5 hours on social networks, 0.5 hours watching videos, 0.2 hours getting news and information, 0.2 hours shopping, and 0.2 hours playing games.

Dating and streaming app Momo was the most popular platform among men, while for women it was photo editing app MeituPic.

Users under 15 (and their parents) often used apps that help with homework, while users between 16 and 25 played more games.

First tier city users downloaded transport and mobility apps disproportionately, while financial P2P apps were popular in third tier cities.

Bike rental service ofo, shopping app Pinduoduo and the popular game Minecraft saw the highest increase in market penetration year-on-year, reaching up to 1,000% growth.

BeautyCam, a selfie app, saw the biggest decrease in market penetration. This is attributed to competition from similar players FaceU and B612.

The top 3 games in the market penetration league table all belonged to the Tencent umbrella: Honor of Kings, Happyxiaoxiaole and Landlord War.

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