These Are The Most Right-Swiped Jobs On Tinder


Last year, Tinder introduced a new feature that let singles add details of their job and education to their dating profile.

And now, using this wealth of new data from millions of users, Tinder has just released a list of the most right-swiped jobs in America.

The list, which was launched on the company’s blog, found that for men, being a pilot would get you the most right swipes on Tinder.


For women, the job which saw the most right swipes was physical therapists.

Other top jobs for both men and women include founders & entrepreneurs, teachers and models.

The list was compiled based on the occupations of users whose profiles got the most right swipes from November to January.

Recently, Tinder was named alongside Grindr as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Social Media companies for 2016.

Check out the full list below:


Simon Edmunds

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